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Roussillon Farmhouse

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Instructors can earn commission or FREE holidays, download our Instructor Marketing Pack.

Instructors can earn commission or FREE holidays, download our Instructor Markering Pack

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HolidayBootCampFrance is ideally located in one of the best places to taste the delights of French cuisine. During your all inclusive stay, you will experience a selection of mouth-watering meals, designed by leading nutritionists to enhance weight loss and healthy well being. You will be introduced to a healthy nutritional diet aimed at increasing your energy levels, improving skin tone, creating weight loss whilst leaving you feel fantastic.

Located in the market-garden region of France, our nutritionists use fresh local produce so you will be able to experiment with new foods and learn how well your body responds to your new diet. You will also be provided with a selection of menus and recipes and have the opportunity to learn how to prepare healthy, tasty meals for when you return home.

A typical day's menu will consist of:

Meal Sample Menu 1 Sample Menu 2 Sample Menu 1
Breakfast Porridge or cereal with seeds and seasonal fruits & berries. Fruit Juice and yogurt Free range eggs and fresh French bread. Fruit Juice and yogurt Continental - goat's cheese and hams. Fruit Juice and yogurt
Midmorning snack Fresh Fruit Smoothie Cereal Bars, Nuts, Fruits and Seeds Fresh Vegetable Smoothie
Lunch Mediterranean Salad with grilled fresh fish Mediterranean marinated chicken salad Vegatable Soup and French bread
Afternoon tea Fruit Fruit Fruit
Dinner - Main course, with choice of starters & desserts Stunning mixed paella with spicy chorizo, chicken thighs, monkfish, shellfish, saffron and lemon wedges Filet steak with selection of fresh vegetables or mixed salad Local fresh fish - e.g. Lotte, Loup, Salmon, Trout etc with roast Mediterranean vegetables

Evening meals will occasionally be hosted in a selection of village restaurants, in walking distance, allowing you to take in the ambience of the south of France. Lavish, healthy Catalan meals catering for every taste and dietary requirement, enabling you to relax and socialise with your new BootCamp friends.

If you are looking for a fantastic location to experience a fitness and weight loss BootCamp, then contact us today to check out our best prices and availability.